Practice Makes Flooant®  

After spending so much effort studying a foreign language, it would be a shame not to be able to use it! Our mission at Flooant® is to make foreign language practice attainable for everyone, everyday, from anywhere in the world. Most of us can't afford the time or money to travel internationally on a regular basis, but most of can afford to pick up a phone (which is probably already in our hand) and call someone for 20 minutes. We'll make it super easy for you, by qualifying native language speakers and getting them set-up and ready to speak with you at a moments notice!

Just like with sports or music, mastering a skill takes consistent, regular practice. The only way to become fluent in a foreign language, is to practice speaking every day. Flooant makes it possible for anyone, anywhere, to practice speaking a new language every day.  

Speaking foreign languages will expand your mind, and is fun!

To develop your language fluency and connect with our amazing Flooant Teachers, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Select your language

    Pricing for each language is labeled by the minute. There is no minimum call duration, and for a limited time, the first 5 minutes of every call are free!

  2. Select your teacher

    The currently available teachers have a green dot by their profile photo. All teachers have been interviewed and are qualified native language speakers.

  3. Place your call

    After you accept the call rate per minute and tap the “Place your call” button, you will receive an incoming phone call from a seemingly random phone number. Flooant has registered many phone numbers and routes calls for you, so your personal contact information is not shared and Flooant covers all international call fees.

    Accept the incoming call (you may not recognize the phone number, but can later save it in your contacts, since we use the same numbers regularly), and then await the phone to ring for your teacher. The process may take about 10 seconds, so please be patient while we are connecting you with your selected teacher.

    If for some reason your teacher does not answer the phone, simply hang up and try calling another available Flooant teacher.

    Flooant conversations happen over the phone, like regular phone calls, through mobile carrier networks.

  4. Complete your payment

    Upon completion of your call, you can pay by Credit Card, PayPal, Google Pay or Apple Pay. You will not be charged for the first five minutes of each call (for a limited time), so you will only pay for each minute that you speak with a teacher after five minutes. For example, if the pay rate for your language is $0.40 per minute and you speak for 20 minutes, you will only be charged $6 (15 minutes multiplied by $0.40 per minute).

  5. Rate your teacher

    Leave feedback for your teacher, so that other students can know a little bit more about the teacher before placing their call. If the teacher did a great job, leave them a five star rating and a helpful comment!


Connect instantly to native speakers from around the world, in whatever language you want to speak. On your commute to the office, walking in a park, or from the comfort of your home, Flooant will allow you to practice speaking at anytime, from any place.


We all speak a language. Thousands of people from around the world would love to learn your native language. Become a Flooant Teacher by making yourself available to practice speaking with students, whenever convenient for you. Earn money speaking your native language, and have fun!