Moving to Brazil

I married an amazing Brazilian girl, and quickly learned that I was going to have a hard time getting to know some of her family, if I did not learn Portuguese. After learning French several years earlier, I knew I had it in me to do it!

After studying the vocabulary, doing some reading in Portuguese, and learning the basics, I knew I was going to need to speak the language a lot in order to become fluent, and ultimately be able to mingle and joke around with family in Portuguese.

Fortunately, my wife has an uncle with a great business in Brazil, and gave me the opportunity to work for him for a few months. I jumped at the opportunity! My wife, 1 year old son and I moved to Campinas, Brazil for five months, before I started business school, in 2006.

Living and working in Brazil for a period of time made an enormous impact in my life. I actually encountered challenges learning the language in the workplace in Brazil, because everybody was so eager to practice speaking English, that most people refused to speak Portuguese with me! It was frustrating, but enough people would speak with me that I eventually became proficient in speaking the language.

Everyone wants to practice speaking another language that they are trying to learn, and I saw that in action during this experience in Brazil! Launching Flooant has given me the opportunity to fill this need for so many people, that are anxious to practice speaking a foreign language!