There is no longer a need to move to another country, to become fluent in a foreign language

How do I practice speaking, with Flooant? 

You now live in a world where connecting with anyone in the world can be done instantly, through a mobile phone. By simply creating a Flooant profile, you will be able to indicate how much time you have available at any moment, the language you would like to speak...and presto! We will notify one of our Teachers that you are ready to practice.

Within seconds, you will be connected with a native language speaker that is standing by and ready to have a conversation with you! Every Flooant Teacher will be rated by students like yourself after every conversation, so only the most engaging and helpful teachers will be notified of practice requests.

What will you talk about?

Learning a second (or third) language takes time because there are many spoken nuances to other languages that only can be learned through experience, such as accents, localized vocabulary, pace, etc. The ideal learning environment for a foreign language is to converse about a variety of subjects, with a variety of people, on a very regular basis. 

Talk about your interests: hobbies, your career, favorite food, travel, etc. Visit our Conversation Guide, for a few ideas!

Ask your Teacher about their interests: what are their hobbies, how did they become a Flooant teacher, what skills are they working on developing, etc.

How much does it cost to practice speaking with Flooant?

After logging in to the Flooant App as a “Student,” selecting your language and time duration and then clicking the “Proceed” button, you will be presented with a rate for your conversation. Rates will change depending on availability of teachers and the language you have selected. On average, practice conversations on Flooant range from $12 - $15 for a 30 minute live conversation with a native speaker. You will be charged by the minute, so if the call ends before or after your originally selected time interval, you will be charged to the nearest minute, rounded up.

Also, please be aware that you are responsible for paying for your own cellular calling fees. Flooant will connnect you with the native speaker through your own mobile service set-up on your phone. International fees may apply if the “Teacher” you select lives overseas.

How do I pay for practice sessions with Flooant?

You can pay for your Flooant conversations with a credit card, Paypal or with Google or Apple Pay, depending on whether you are using Android or iOS. Payments must be made either before or immediately at the end of your conversation. You will not be able to place another Practice Call through the Flooant App until you have paid for your previous conversation.

How are available teachers selected for me to practice with?

Flooant teachers are doing their best to help you become fluent in their native language, and are teaching as a part-time job. To become fluent in a foreign language, it works best to speak with a wide variety of native speakers from varying backgrounds and demographics. Teachers go “on call” with Flooant when they are available to speak, so the availability of certain teachers will change throughout the day. Every time you login to Flooant to begin a practice session, you will be able to see the teachers available for the duration of the call you’ve chosen. We recommend speaking with a wide variety of speakers.

The rating you leave for your teacher at the end of your call will influence how often they receive requests to teach through Flooant. Leave honest feedback, and make sure to give them a positive review if they did a great job! If you encounter any problems with a teacher, please let us know through the feedback form at the end of the session, or feel free to contact us at any time.

Okay, how do I get started? 

To get started today, simply download the Flooant app from the links below, and register as a Student! If you decide you also want to teach others your native language, you can use the same login information in the app; you will just need to logout as a student, and log back in as a teacher, using the same credentials you register with.