Flooant Privacy and Data Policy

This policy explains our policy on data collection and use of the data you provide to Flooant.

What information does flooant collect from you?

To provide a good experience for Students using the Flooant app, Flooant collects and shares this information with Students, and this information is publicly visible within the Flooant mobile application and can also be used on the Flooant website for marketing or other reasons:

  • Your first name (or a name that you elect to share with students)

  • A profile photo that the Teacher uploads

  • A profile description

  • Comments and reviews left by students for teachers

Other information that Flooant collects from Students and Teachers, but that is not publicly shared or sold to any other organization or individual includes:

  • Phone numbers of Flooant Teachers and Students

  • Payment information for Teachers (used only to distribute payments for services), including at the discretion of the Teacher PayPal account information, bank account numbers and routing information or mailing address information used to send teachers checks for their work. Teachers or students may request deletion of their information at any time. If a request is made, Flooant will delete the account of the Teacher or Student, and the Teacher or Student will be required to register again if they would like to use the app in the future.

  • Email address provided from Students or Teachers

  • Flooant collects government paperwork required for contracted or full-time workers, and does not share this information with anyone outside of the Flooant organization without express permission from the Flooant Teacher.

How does flooant use your contact information?

Flooant sends promotional and instructional emails to both Students and Teachers. Flooant Students and Teacher may opt-out of emails at any time through the link in the bottom of the email, or may email info@flooant.com at anytime to “unsubscribe.”

Flooant does not sell contact information of Flooant Students or Teachers and holds this data confidential, only to be used for the service benefit of both Students and Teachers.

For Flooant Teachers who are required to submit government paperwork for taxes (such as in the $600 annual threshold for contracted workers in the United States), Flooant uses this information for tax filing purposes and holds this information confidential. Flooant will not share your information and will protect your information to the best of it’s ability through the technology platforms we are using.

You can contact us online or by through email at: info@flooant.com. 

Flooant, LLC

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Date of Last Revision: July 13, 2019