Have a conversation in your native language, make money and make a difference!

Whatever language you speak, there is someone out there that is striving to learn your language. Become a Flooant Teacher, and help someone (or many people) develop fluency in your language. Simply register as a Teacher, indicate to us when you are available (on call), and receive notifications when students would like to practice speaking in your native language. After every conversation, you will receive a payment and a score (rating), for your conversation. Be friendly, engaging, appropriate and conversational.    

Please note: When receiving an incoming call as a Flooant® Teacher, you will simply see an incoming call on your phone from a phone number from your country area code. We mask the identity of students and teachers to protect your privacy. After receiving a call from a Flooant student, feel free to add the incoming number your were contacted with as a Flooant phone number in your personal address book, to avoid any confusion as you receiving incoming teaching requests in the future.

How much money will I make as a Flooant Teacher?

As a Flooant teacher, you will earn money after every call. Your total earnings will be visible to you in the Flooant app, and you will be paid (according to the preferred method of payment you indicate in the app) every 1-2 weeks. On average, Flooant teachers earn between $10-20 per hour (reported to you as “minutes” in the app). Rates may vary, depending on the language you are teaching and student demand.

Please remember that as a Flooant teacher you are not a company employee (meaning we will not deduct taxes from your payment), so you will be responsible for reporting their own income for taxes in the area where you live. Also, teachers are responsible for paying for the cellular data fees when using Flooant. We will connect you with the students through your own mobile phone (or “land line” or voice over IP number if indicated as the your phone number upon registration and login), and all Student calls originate from the country code where you have registered your phone (e.g. United States and Canada outbound calls will route from a 1 country code).

If you have follow-up questions about this process, please contact us, and we will get back with you to clarify. Our email address is info@flooant.com, for your reference and use at any time as well.


What should you speak about? Make it easy for your students to have a conversation with you. Ask them questions about their interests. Share fun stories about your life, your hobbies, etc.   


Download the Flooant® app today, to get started as a teacher. You will be asked to register on the app, so that we can match you up with Students who are actively practicing your native language.