As a Flooant teacher, you must respect your students…

  1. Student and Teacher Privacy

    1. Never ask for your student’s personal contact information, last names, social security information, bank account or other financial information or any other personally identifiable details as defined by the U.S. Department of Labor here.

  2. Opinion and your Point of View'

    1. As a Flooant Teacher, you may be speaking with a wide variety of individuals from all parts of the world. Political viewpoints and other opinions may vary widely. Please do not engage in confrontational debate with your students. If your student becomes offensive, please let them know that the conversation topic is offensive and that you need to change topics. If they do not cease their offensive behavior, please end the call and send us a report about this, to info@flooant.com, along with a description of the incident.

  3. Language Learning Needs

    1. Flooant Students are using this service to become fluent in a foreign language. Every student will want to develop fluency at their own pace, and will want to focus on certain topics or vocabulary. Please respect the learning needs of every student, and do your best to teach them the parts of your native language that they would like to learn.



Flooant Teachers will be paid within 14 days of a completed student conversation. Teachers must indicate to Flooant their preferred mode of payment (Paypal, Direct Deposit, Check by Mail) upon registration as a teacher in the Flooant mobile app.

Teacher payments will be made based on the completed minutes spoken through the Flooant app, with registered students. For example, if a conversation lasts for 18 minutes (despite the student indicating that they want to speak for 20 minutes), and the rate per minute for the teacher is quoted as $0.35 per minute, you will be paid $6.30 (18 x 0.35). The payment you have earned will be visible in your teaching section of the Flooant app.

For a limited time, as published in the Student version of the application, the first five minutes of every Flooant call are free, so Teachers will not be paid for the first five minutes of every call. Once a call passes five minutes, Teachers will be paid by the minute, ranging from $0.20-$0.30 per minute, depending upon the language. Flooant reserves the right to change the rate per minute that students pay and that teachers receive at any time. If any significant change in payment is made (example: greater than 20%), Flooant will notify Teachers and Students of the change via email, SMS or phone call.

Refunds and Chargebacks

Students will be refunded for Flooant conversations with teachers that they deemed to be “offensive” or if they submit an email to us reporting a teacher for violating the teaching policy (e.g. asking for Personally Identifiable Information as outlined above or through the U.S. Department of Labor definition of PII (here).

If a student reports you, as the teacher, for violating the Flooant Teacher Policy described on this page, you will be charged back by Flooant for the money you have earned for the conversation reported. If you were not yet paid for the conversation that was reported as violating the Flooant Teacher Policy, you will not receive payment for that particular teaching session, and you will receive a notice from Flooant about the issue along with a written warning that you could lose your teaching privileges at the discretion of the company management.


Flooant Teachers must be honest about their native language abilities, meaning the language that they are native to or born in. Achieving mastery of a second-language does not qualify you as a native speaker, regardless of your level of written or oral fluency in the language.

Any teacher that is reported as not being a native speaking of the language that they are teaching, will be contacted by Flooant to confirm the claim, and will be removed from the platform as a teacher if they have falsified their “native language” during the teacher application process.


Upon receiving your Flooant Teacher Application (here), Flooant will review the application at its own discretion, and respond to applicants that meet the Teacher qualifications, depending on the demand and need for the “native language” indicated by the applicant. Not all applications will receive a response from Flooant, and those that do receive a response will generally be notified within two weeks of their application. Flooant is not obligated to respond to Teacher applications.

Application Process for U.S. Persons

Following contact from Flooant, if you have been accepted as a Flooant Teacher, you will then be required to complete and send to Flooant a W-9 Form from the IRS (access form here) if you are a “U.S. person” as defined by the IRS. You will not be required to submit the W-9 form to Flooant until you have earned at least $600 within a 12-month period, per U.S. labor laws. Flooant is not responsible for changes to this law, but will strive to maintain current with U.S. labor laws and abide by the law. There is also a copy of the form embedded at the bottom of this webpage. Please always ensure that you are filing the most recent version the form from the IRS.

Application Process for International Contractors

For most international contracted employees, you will need to complete a W-8BEN form, found on the IRS website, here. There is also a copy of the form embedded at the bottom of this webpage. Please always ensure that you are filing the most recent version the form from the IRS. If there are additional forms that Flooant needs to complete with your assistance, please let us know at info@flooant.com.

Are you ready to get started?!

Your aim of every teaching experience with Flooant should be to help your student become fluent in your native language. Please respect your students privacy, learning needs and pacing.

If you agree to the Flooant Teacher policy, please apply to teach with Flooant here. Contact us anytime at info@flooant.com if you have additional questions or needs.

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